Where does money go from my ticket?

The idea of Chicago Reach is to create fun opportunities to connect our social networks and dig roots in our community. None of us earn profits, and this is not a for-profit organization. The money for your ticket simply goes from us to the venue. 

Are these quarterly events, networking events?

These quarterly events are not designed to be professional networking events. Although this may be a benefit of meeting new people, the idea of these events are to combine friend groups, socially meet new people, and enhance Chicago's nightlife together.

Where is Chicago Reach headed?

Chicago Reach is designed to build community. How we are doing this now may continue to evolve.  For example, we would ideally love to continue making the quarterly events larger, and to eventually have the ability to provide financial support and fundraising efforts to our featured partners over time. Right now, we strive to raise awareness, and give our time, energy, and ideas to these organizations. Down the road, we want to host large events, where we may have the ability to raise substantial funds for them to continue to carry out these missions to better the future of our Chicago community. If everyone does our part here growing Chicago Reach and evolving this platform into bigger and better things, we will have serious impact.